A team set for success...

For almost 20 years, Group SVM is a specialized, global expert services firm dedicated to assisting clients in creating and protecting value in the face of critical business risks and opportunities.

Our professionals are results-oriented who specialize in creating value and restoring performance at every stage of the business life cycle. We thrive on our ability to make a difference in high-impact situations and deliver sustainable, bottom-line results.

With our team you are presented with the expertise needed to grow your business, improve revenue, secure your assets and become more agile. We have the capabilities and scale required to combine cross-industry, operational and technology expertise to successfully manage transformation and provide for lasting business performance. We take a unique approach to consulting—listening and co-innovating with our clients to ensure lasting success.

Being faithful to our mission, we work around the world by providing advice, information and solutions that make a positive difference for our clients. Four shared values underpin everything Group SVM’s professionals do:

We are inspired by a steadfast commitment to excellence, and strive to earn the lasting trust of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations.
We are committed to the continuous development of our people, and celebrate our individual and collective growth and achievements.

We build our firm with an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by dynamic teamwork and collaboration, and founded on trust and respect for each other.
We believe integrity, dedication and perspective are the keys to ensuring our enduring prosperity and success.

We collaborate closely with our clients, equipping them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. Through our hands-on consulting resources, we go beyond strategy. We provide the necessary strategic architecture and implementation that well positions our clients to transform and to achieve operational excellence, manage market complexity, better understand, predict and control risk and develop practical and productive responses to regulation.

We see a transformed global financial services industry; vigorous and efficient, able to take advantage of interconnection, while constantly growing individual competitive advantage. Common infrastructure, common standards and shared services, driving ever-increasing connectivity, will accelerate a future of highly efficient, interconnected and more intuitive processing. The impact of competition, regulation and globalization currently fueling complexity will resolve into unprecedented worldwide opportunity, as the complexity is harnessed and strategies are turned into reality, through effective implementation.  Our goal is to be prepared for all challenges rising from this ever-changing environment.