International investment banking consultancy

We support clients in achieving the best outcomes possible from finite resources. We provide and present evidence and insight to identify what works, in what context and at what cost and benefit. We are experts in reimbursement mechanisms, performance measurement, impact assessment and market access across our sectors and our work ensures that we are at the heart of global developments and policy in these areas. In advising our clients we always seek to include this wider thought leadership and perspective in developing solutions that are appropriate to your local market, situation and regulatory framework.

Finance is at the heart of every organization and company leaders look to the finance department to provide fast and reliable data, as well as the insight to interpret it. An effectively managed and run finance department is critical to the ongoing success of any organization, especially with under today’s complex growing regulatory requirements.

Around the world, our corporate finance experts work together with businesses and clients to maximise their value through advising on acquisitions, fund raisings, flotations and disposals.

A typical GROUP SVM corporate finance client is either a business with trans-national capabilities or ambitions, or a private equity firm with their niche in the middle market. Partnering our clients for mutual success is what we do and we do it in a way that challenges the standards approach of other accountancy networks on the market.

Since our client portfolio is spread on three continents we are fully aware that standardized approaches cannot be the key for their complex and territory specific needs.

Again, we try to find tailored solutions for each of our clients, and inspired by the tremendous amount of international experience gathered by our team, we proud ourselves with successful delivery of:

  • Banking compliance review
  • Commercial loans and syndicated loans
  • Foreign government and international organization loans and sub-loans
  • Consulting analysis of foreign exchange
  • Import and export credit notes, letters of credit, guarantees and bank factoring
  • Retail financial services
  • Establishment and merger of banking financial institutions
  • Litigation and arbitration concerning banking financial institutions