Wealth management

Wealth management paradigms are shifting as transparency developments take hold worldwide. Harmonized tax laws, international databases and other information-sharing arrangements are facilitating broader, more aggressive enforcement. Flat tax rates and national amnesty programs are growing more common. Under “know your client” rules, even private institutions are collecting investor information for regulators.

As Group SVM’s flagship, Wealth Management department is displaying a uniquely holistic approach to planning, managing and protecting private wealth. Experienced in all aspects of wealth management, we precisely identify and address key issues in typically highly complex, cross-border tax compliance and mitigation challenges.

Our multidisciplined project team routinely handles with success high-value, multijurisdictional transactions, advising on the best course of action for cases involving complex matters of estate, business succession, litigation and dispute resolution, documentation and reporting obligations.

Focused exclusively on your needs and those of your family, we commit all our resources to achieving your goals. We work together to address your most important concerns and aspirations, from coordinating investment strategy and managing risk in multiple portfolios and entities worldwide, to aligning your family governance structure and estate plan with your values and hopes for future generations, to connecting you to the investment bankers and capital markets specialists.

As the private banking sector has grown, so have the political, fiscal, tax and regulatory pressures upon it. New regulations are likely to require bankers to keep more extensive records, and demand more knowledge about client’s ultimate goals and strategies. In such cases clients appreciate our ability to assist in matters beyond tax and trust advice, as in corporate structuring, benchmarking and due diligence.

Working with specialists on four continents, in recognized international financial centers, from Switzerland to Dubai and from New York to Hong Kong, we understand unfolding trends in global wealth management and can provide strategic assistance on-the-ground, whether in core investment centers or new wealth management jurisdictions.

At Group SVM Wealth Management, our dedication to you is founded on five basic principles:


Our specialized services are designed exclusively for wealthy individuals, families and foundations.


With unique perspective into the complex financial world, we offer tailor made strategies to meet your needs.


All our clients are getting the highest level of attention, provided by the limited number of clients we serve.


By partnering with us, your financial future is in the hands of a firm with a true global understanding and presence.


Every individual and family has unique dynamics, goals and levels for risk. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific needs and objectives, we achieve the best possible results for our clients.