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As a global consulting and strategy firm, Group SVM is uniquely positioned with the agility and client-focused approach of a boutique firm combined with the stability and innovation that comes from a long heritage tied with unparalleled understanding of the sectors we serve in.

We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge and insights, together with a distinctive global way of thinking, working and behaving – “fluency” – across borders, issues and practices.

Our understanding of challenges in our ever-changing global economy is born from our global presence via our extensive network of local partners and agents. For almost 20 years, we have advised leading corporations on the issues of today’s integrated world market.

We have cultivated the culture, commercial pragmatism and technical and interpersonal skills required to deliver world-class service tailored to the preferences of world-class clients worldwide.
We have the deep roots and knowledge of the language and culture of business required to address the nuances of local markets worldwide. And our culture of friendship and broad scope of practice enable us to navigate complexity across issues, practices and borders with ease.

Group SVM’s business is expanding around the world, as we recognize that global markets become ever more tightly linked by technology, by the breaking down of regulatory barriers, and by the increasingly global needs of our clients.

Since it is evident that the globalization is the word for a successful business environment, we are dedicated to help our clients reach the tomorrow’s dream through our global network and experience.


Through our extensive network of members, partner and associates we are committed to provide the best possible services for our clients, being able to tap into the accumulated knowledge and experience of this network, spread on four continents.


Combined experience and knowledge on local laws, facts of life and customary approaches are the result of our global heritage and is telling a story of imagination, innovation, determination and hard work. For almost 20 years lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists, banking and investment advisers have joined in the great adventure of creating, nurturing and maturing our global organization.