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Group SVM network is an international partnership of professionals and firms that are set together by common goals and credos, sharing the same enthusiasm and being able to deliver services on the multi-jurisdictional matters through its international outreach.

Since our members, partners and associates are part of a familiar working environment we leverage our talent, geographic reach and resources to make a positive and lasting impact on many of today’s social and economic challenges.

Facing the challenges of today’s ever-changing international environment we have secured and extensive network of partners and associates covering practically all regions of the globe. Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North and Latin America, together with their local legal and mentality differences are not terrains to be discovered but the home bases of our dedicated local agents or associates.

Approaching every matter through local perspective and understanding gives us the advantage of being able to immediately react or offer solutions when other companies may be still trying to understand the complexities or realities of a specific local market.

The majority of our staff or associates are graduated from prestigious universities, many of them have had the opportunity to combine their existing knowledge and experience in the fields of science and engineering, medicine, international trade and finance with law or accounting, and thereby provide optimal and custom made solutions for our clients’ matters.

We have adapted to the trend of globalization; we have embraced it by constructing an international service network, actively improving the capacity of our multilingual services and we have made our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients.

The firm’s capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise, geographic range, analytical rigor, and hands-on, collaborative approach. Our professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative, customized solutions. We also work side by side with senior executives to accelerate execution through a blend of analytical and management approaches. As a result, we have a tangible impact on clients’ top and bottom lines.