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Our firm is like an enormous clock, it works when all the little cogs mesh together. As we are a full service consulting firm, we are able to fully utilize every aspect of our every individual where they are required the most. Our people are vastly experience in a whole myriad of disciplines, may it be economics, technology, accounting or medicine. Our services are by no means limited to our areas of expertise or our departments; with our labyrinth of talents we are confident that we are able to provide you with the desired service.

Group SVM is a firm that adheres strictly to professional ethical standards and we maintain the highest standard of integrity. With the law as our beacon and our conscience as our guidance, we uphold our duty and responsibility to our clients, keeping client privilege and trade secrets strictly confidential while disclosing legal liabilities so that our client are able to make informed decisions.

While being focused on bringing the best and innovative solutions to our clients’ needs we are also committed to building an inclusive work environment that leverages the diverse talent and perspectives of our global workforce. We value the unique background, experience and capability of each employee and embrace differences including gender, race, religion, disability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and personal style. As a global company, we understand, appreciate and respect the diversity of our people and foster a collaborative work environment with equal opportunity for all employees.

We believe that our strengths are in the diversity of our employees, associates and agents, how we collaborate on cross-border projects and how we continue to build and sustain a culture that supports the success, while maintaining a strong linkage to our core values and business strategy.

With offices or agents in most of today’s key financial centers, we are committed to represent and serve our clients from Zurich to London, from Dubai to Singapore, from Miami to St. Petersburg. We strongly believe that our unparalleled local network presence helps us providing our clients with the best possible service in tandem with a no-nonsense financial impact.

Group SVM is a brand under which the member firms and associates operate and provide professional services. In many parts of the world, accounting or law firms are bound by local legal requirements to be locally owned and independent. For these reasons, Group SVM network consists of firms, which are sometimes separate legal entities, being also committed to working together to provide quality service offerings for the clients throughout the globe.